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How to choose the best domain name for your website

Evans Tarimo September 26, 2020 0 comments

Choosing the right domain name for your website is crucial for your success. If you choose the wrong domain name, then it can be a hassle to switch on later without hurting your brand and business large and search ranking. Thus why it’s extremely important that you choose the best name from the start. Here is the list of few things you need to consider:

#1. Use keywords in your domain search

Keywords play an important role in a domain. By using keyword in your domain name you tell the search engines what your website is about, which helps you to rank higher in google. It is very hard to find a good domain with your target keywords, that’s not already taken. You need to be creative and combine your keywords with other words to make your domain name.

#2. Keep your domain name short

We recommend keeping your domain name under 15 characters, longer domain is harder for your users to remember. User will be more prone to entering typos with longer domain names which can lead to loss traffic.

#3. Keep it unique

Your domain name must be unique so you can stand out in your reader’s minds. You don’t have to accidentally use a trademarked name or get accused of coping another name. Choose to pick a domain name that’s more unique, catchy and memorable.

#4. Leave room to expand

It’s smart to choose a domain name that’s related to your industry because it gives users some ideas of what your website is about. Also don’t limit your long term options too much. But know that domain can cause you to loose search rankings if you don’t do it right.

#5. Act quickly before someone else takes it

Each day thousands of new domain names are registered from all part of the world, if you have found a domain name that you like, then don’t wait too long. If you don’t act fast, then someone may go ahead and register your domain idea.

#6. Avoid double letters.

It’s a good idea to avoid domain with double letters because it increases your chances of losing traffic to typos. Example domain name like will be more prone to typos and lead to lost traffic.

#7. Research your domain name

Before you register a domain name, try to find out if there is already a registered business using the same name. You can perform a Trademark, Google search to see if there is already a similar or exact name already trademarked. Matching name can lead to implications which may cost you a lot of money.


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